Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea... Those enchanted isles far out in the Pacific have unique, refined culture as wells as atolls, skies of endless, coral sands and timeless volcanoes. Polynesian vahine, inspired by the abundance and generosity of their natural surroundings, have a taste for a beauty and adornment that holds a touch of paradise. Many island plants have juices that beautify the skin and hair. Among them are the silky flower of the tiara, which blossoms all pear round, and aloe vera, a miraculous plant with a thousand and one virtues. La Sultane de Saba has created a new product range base on those two emblems of Tahiti, tiara flower and aloe vera.



Essence: Tiare Flower and Aloe Vera

Essence: Tiare Flower and Aloe Vera

Essence: Tiare Flower